Hoover Platinum Cordless Bagless Stick Vacuum Review

My old vacuum was the 24-year-old Electrolux, which my husband bought when he was selling vacuum cleaners for a month at the mature age of 16. I do not know why at the age of 16 he spent 800 dollars on a vacuum, but he did it, and this was his longest relationship, except his mother. He loved Electrolux so much that for many years he did not allow me to buy a new one, because “they no longer make them like that.” I told him that he’s right, they do not, they make them better wireless.

I mean, “our” vacuum Electrolux never died, we still have it. It has a bunch of attachments, still sloppy, but incredibly cumbersome, difficult to use and requires the purchase of bags, and the case with the cord is accidentally retracted a million times in the middle of evacuation. With all its drawbacks, it’s still a revolution in the eyes of my husbands.

Hoover Platinum Cordless


  1. I see the dirt! A clear canister incredibly rewards me. I like to see how much dirt I suck, and it makes me want to vacuum more. Even my children are excited about this feature. Because of this, I evacuate more than I have ever vacuumed in the past. It is very easy to empty the canister, in seconds.
  2. It’s FREE! This may also be the invention of a microwave oven. I can evacuate without restrictions, I feel so free!
  3. The battery indicator shows how much time is left in the battery. I can vacuum about 40 minutes when fully charged. There is never a weak suction, when the power is discharged, it turns off. There is either good absorption or no suction. The charger lights up, indicating when it will be ready again. I take about 3 hours to recharge.
  4. It’s so easy and easy to navigate. My children (aged 6,5,5 and 3) are now fighting who can vacuum. I sit down for a lunch of beans, and they take turns vacuuming the house.
  5. There is a switch for tile / hardwood floors, and the other for carpets. I have clean white shiny ceramic tiles covering my hall, kitchen and kitchen. I hate them with passion. I used to do it at least a dozen times a day. Because this vacuum is so easy to use and portable, I just vacuum my floors now. Look later, broom.


  1. I would like him to have another battery. I could vacuum all day if I did not have to spend 3 hours waiting for it to be recharged. I use this time to lay out the underwear, which, unfortunately, this vacuum does not do for me. This is another conflict.
  2. There are no attachments or even kits for overlapping this. Several times I want to get into deep, dark places that are too heavy for my vacuum, and I can not. That’s why I do not clean them. So they are still dirty, and then I have to listen to my husband to complain about how his Electrolux could do it all. And it hurts. I need a small, whimsical sucking stick, is it too much to ask?
  3. Hairy bristles. We have four long-haired ladies in our house, and I regularly have to cut my hair out of the bristles under it. Perhaps because the area of ​​the bristles is smaller than our large bulky Electrolux, but I need to clear this area more than with the old vacuum. It’s like another armpit to shave every day, a little extra trouble.
  4. Secret pledge. I had to perform maintenance once in the area between the bottom and the frame. I used a skewer to brake there when the vacuum stopped sucking once. I pushed my suction restrictions when my dog ​​ate her bed, leaving the stuffing around the house. I wanted to save effort by bending over and picking up the stuffing, and instead forced myself to turn it off for half an hour. It was pretty disgusting. I recommend bending big things in the future. This can not be the end, because it was my own laziness and the sheer stupidity that caused this.
    In general, I am very pleased with this vacuum, and my husband approves, since I actually not only vacuum now, but also vacuum all the time now. I would not have done it, it was not convenient, it was easy to use and reward. Seriously, dumping a mud cartridge is like getting a reward with stickers at school. If this was not already clear, I recommend this vacuum.

In my house there are parquet floors, so I spend a lot of time and vacuuming with bagless stick vacuum. Sweeping off the edge of the walls and using a parquet parquet lattice on my hoover platinum cordless vacuum. This is such a process. So I researched wireless vacuum cleaners that were good for hardwoods and hair for pets, and Consumer Reports – Linx # 1. The product arrived today and I immediately put it to work, and after walking barefoot afterwards I feel how clean floors.

Good that is easy to install, easy to turn and roll well, light weight, canister is easily emptied, great for selecting fur fur, two settings (hardwood and carpet), works perfectly along the edges of rooms and on the stairs, the carpet adjustment works fine for mats (not as good as my traditional vacuum, as expected), the battery life is ok.

But from other side the rollers caught up with fur and human hair is lighter than ordinary vacuum cleaners, pull out the battery to charge it (without the docking station, but the battery was very easy to remove, charge, install)

4 Reasons to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Car

Reasons to buy a vacuum cleaner:

Dimensions of the device. The car vacuum cleaner is usually quite compact. Its size and configuration allow you to look into the most secluded corners of the cabin.
Type of food. Stationary options work, mainly from the outlet. The car dust collector does not require such a global power source. Most models work completely on the battery.
Mobility. The car vacuum cleaner can be taken with you to the nature and quickly clean the interior after a walk through the forest. With a stationary device, this number will not work.
Ease. Most car vacuum cleaners weigh from 0.5 to 1.5 kg. With him easily manage even the most fragile girl. But the weight of stationary vacuum cleaners can reach 7-10 kg, which is not too convenient for working in a close cabin of the car.

In general, the car vacuum cleaner is an extremely convenient thing, it will help to maintain your favorite car in a clean and neat appearance. Especially if you have a tissue room.

Battery life

The battery of Hoover Platinum Cordless remained strong throughout the house, never seemed weak. After finishing the house, I checked the battery level, and he had a third life left. Now my house is not big, 2 bedrooms; so a large house may need to be recharged.

I was disappointed with the availability of a separate charger, not a docking station. My sister has a silent vacuum Shark Navigator, which I used before. For comparison, I would choose Linx over Shark Navigator. The battery life was longer, the absorption seemed stronger, it became better. However, the shark has a dock for charging. In general, I would recommend this

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