Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Wireless devices have long taken their place in homes and apartments: the mouse, keyboard and other wired devices replaced the technology without wires. The same applies to our topic, today we will consider one of the varieties of vacuum cleaners – the best vertical cordless vacuum cleaners.

We will make a rating of vertical accumulator vacuum cleaners, having considered preliminary responses of buyers. Which one will appeal to you, it’s up to you, we included both budgetary and more expensive models. Read More

Hoover Platinum Cordless Bagless Stick Vacuum Review

My old vacuum was the 24-year-old Electrolux, which my husband bought when he was selling vacuum cleaners for a month at the mature age of 16. I do not know why at the age of 16 he spent 800 dollars on a vacuum, but he did it, and this was his longest relationship, except his mother. He loved Electrolux so much that for many years he did not allow me to buy a new one, because “they no longer make them like that.” I told him that he’s right, they do not, they make them better wireless.

I mean, “our” vacuum Electrolux never died, we still have it. It has a bunch of attachments, still sloppy, but incredibly cumbersome, difficult to use and requires the purchase of bags, and the case with the cord is accidentally retracted a million times in the middle of evacuation. With all its drawbacks, it’s still a revolution in the eyes of my husbands. Read More