Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Wireless devices have long taken their place in homes and apartments: the mouse, keyboard and other wired devices replaced the technology without wires. The same applies to our topic, today we will consider one of the varieties of vacuum cleaners – the best vertical cordless vacuum cleaners.

We will make a rating of vertical accumulator vacuum cleaners, having considered preliminary responses of buyers. Which one will appeal to you, it’s up to you, we included both budgetary and more expensive models.

The best upright vacuum cleaners

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner?

We just repeat, so, a wireless or electric vacuum cleaner:

  • maintains cleanliness in the house, collecting dust, small debris, crumbs,
  • some models are able to disconnect and clean the car interior,
  • the best vertical vacuum cleaner (if it is demountable) can be taken with you wherever you go,
  • saves electricity,
  • wires do not interfere with high-quality cleaning (they are not),
  • some models can clean themselves with blades (from hair and wool), do wet cleaning,
  • compactly stands in an upright position.


PHILIPS PowerPro Aqua FC6408 / 01

The PowerPro Aqua FC6408 battery vacuum cleaner is a novelty of 2017. The best wireless vacuum cleaner works with a voltage of 25 volts and can work up to 60 minutes, which is enough for 3-4 dry cleaning. But unlike other participants, the vacuum cleaner “knows how” to wipe the floor, one filling of the reservoir is enough to moisten 50 squares of the room. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special nozzle on the magnets so that you can quickly switch from dry cleaning to damp, and carry it out with detergents.

In this model, the Dutch manufacturer takes into account such moments as carpet cleaning. Not all vertical models have such capabilities. For this, an innovative TriActive Turbo brush is available that converts an even more powerful air stream.

We did not have time to collect this model yet, but we studied the opinions of customers about the previous washing models of Filips. They differ in that they work with less voltage – only 18 volts and can work up to 40 minutes, also older models have a heavy weight unlike this one. So, the differences are obvious, and in the photo you can see what the Power Pro 6308 looks like – the best wireless vertical vacuum cleaner.

  • Weight of the device: 3,6 kg
  • Volumes of dust collectors – 0.6, for water – 0.2 liters
  • Suction power: check with the seller
  • “Ability” to dry and wet cleaning, manual cleaning
  • Features: three-layer microfilter, special wipes for cleaning, turbo brush, crevice

Dyson V6 AnimalPro

The rating of vacuum cleaners for the home of 2017 continues the technique with excellent characteristics. If you want to purchase a vertical vacuum cleaner once and for life, you can safely trust this model, produced by Malaysia. A distinctive feature of this miracle device is its staffing, the set is a basic brush with antistatic effect, small for collecting hair and hair, combined and crevice. The vacuum cleaner tube is removable, so the car interior will be easy to clean.

In addition, a good powerful vacuum cleaner has a docking station for recharging, which lasts only 3 hours. It is very convenient!

This vacuum cleaner is easier to control, thanks to the shift of gravity up, with such a device you can look under any closet or sofa (dust collector at the top), as well as reach the ceiling, nothing will interfere with high-quality cleaning.

  • Device weight: 2.3 kg
  • Volumes of dust collectors – 0,4 liters
  • Suction power: 100 -300 W
  • “Ability” – dry cleaning, collection of wool
  • Features: HEPA filter, engine with digital control, docking station, fast charging

BOSCH Athlet BBH625W60 – The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner!

This vacuum cleaner buyers really call a super athlete and judging by the reviews the name justifies itself. The best vacuum cleaner for the house (rating 2017) justifies itself in the case, its cost is high, but it is maximally justified and the equipment pays for itself 100%.

the best vertical vacuum cleaner 2017 The big plus of this vacuum cleaner in high power is 1600 W, which puts it on a par with the usual wired vacuum cleaner, and, of course, the plus is its compactness. We can say that this is a vacuum cleaner for every mistress. Buyers have really appreciated their capabilities, working with it, a large dust collector allows you to less often clean it, but as noted to be cleaned easily and simply.

In addition, the manufacturer has provided for the separation of debris from the handle into large and fine rubbish. As a result, half of the work has already been done with the Easy Clean system, and the landlady will afterwards only shake out the garbage. The result of this development was increased power throughout the harvest (large rubbish does not interfere with absorption).

  • Weight of the device: 3,5 kg
  • Volumes of dust collectors – 0,9 liters
  • Suction power – 1600 W
  • “Abilities” – dry cleaning, HEPA filter, Easy Clean system (garbage separation on the handle)
  • Features: allows you to keep the suction power at the proper level thanks to the system of separation of large debris from small, power adjustment


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